A book by
Gisele Medeiros

A real, sensitive and moving conversation about everything that makes us human.

After children we lose ourselves for a while. Being Human is a fond note back home.
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There are times when we need to stop. To cleanse our souls and choose the path that works for us. Not in a frantic way, but light, welcoming and delicious. Like someone who has finally found the serenity to savor the journey.

Being Human is his bedside sabbatical.

In this book you will explore:

Happiness and Relationships

Re-signifying happiness and the tireless search for it. The importance of relationships in building your identity and story.

Time and Career

Purpose, meaning of life and self-realization. How to broaden the perspective on the career as a source of pleasure and undo the obsession with productivity.

Essence and Spirituality

Reconnection with one's own essence, free from guilt and unrealistic models. Role of prayer and spirituality in daily life and acceptance of the present as it is.

A book that's kind of like a spiritual retreat, a cuddle and hours of conversation with your best friend. A ticket home.


"5 out of 5 stars Wonderful reading! Women Being is a book that offers a journey through the inner and outer world. A book that tells an inspiring, real and fun story. Excellent."

Michelle Bonatti
Berlin - Germany

"Being Human is almost an oracle! I read it in a short period of time, because I couldn't stand the anxiety of identifying with Gi's light writing and going beyond with the many references she bases her text on. As a woman, Being Human lit the light bulb of enjoying that privilege, laughing at the commonplace, and enjoying the journey!"

Danielle Betina
Joinville - SC

"I felt welcomed with the book, with each chapter I recognized myself in the stories and feelings."

Camila Horch Destro
Braga, Portugal

"Being Human is a deep, honest book that reveals with great generosity the strength and, at the same time, the vulnerability of the author. And that is exactly what delights me, the encounter that happens, of my humanity with Gi's humanity, through the life shared in the pages of this book."

Luana Fonseca
Kho Samui, Thailand

"Let us fully identify with the Human Being that we are and the feelings, unique yet common, that dwell in all of us!"

Giordani Flenik
Lawyer, Joinville - SC

"It is a reading that brings tranquility to the heart, especially at the moment we are living. It is that book that you read in a few days. You will discover that you are not alone."

Nair Borges
Amsterdam, Netherlands
It's not about being a warrior, finding your best version, or being more productive. Being Human broadens the perspective on life and on ourselves.

It's time to look at yourself, take a deep breath and enjoy the journey:

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Set aside short times of your own for reading. Take care of yourself first.
Gain a new perspective to take in and enjoy the journey.

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Ser Humana inspires and welcomes.
A book about faith, courage and kindness. About marveling at what life brings.
Gisele Medeiros

Gi(sele) is a publicist and writer. She has specialization in Marketing by ESPM, Business Management by FGV and in Positive Psychology and science of well-being and self-realization by PUC.

In 2018 she left her corporate career and moved to Amsterdam with 9 suitcases, husband, a child and a newborn, starting an inspiring trajectory of life and career, whose learnings she tells in a light and humorous way in the pages of this book.

Since then she dedicates herself to the creation of contents that range from communication to the happiness of a simpler life. In her productions, the feminine and the incentive of a creative career experiencestand out.

No ready answers or secrets to success. Being Human leads to a serene discovery of what works for YOU.


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